How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a video

Categories: April 21, 2019 Quick Skills

Did you know that you don’t need expensive software to create videos?

In fact, really effective videos can be created right from inside PowerPoint.

All of your transitions, audio and animation will be captured in a video that can be easily shared with others or uploaded to sites like YouTube.

It’s really easy to export a PowerPoint presentation to an MP4 or WMV video file, just follow the video or tutorial below.

1 – Create your PowerPoint

Create your PowerPoint presentation as you normally would.

You may want to make sure your page design is set to widescreen 16:9, to match most videos and screens (Design > Slide Size).

2 – Apply transition timings

Decide if you want each slide to play for an identical duration of time, or if you need each slide to play for a different length of time.

If you need each slide to to be different, now is the time to configure this using the Advance Slide section of the Transitions ribbon.

Transitions ribbon

If you’re happy for all slides to be identical in duration, you can skip this step.

3 – Check your presentation

Preview your presentation to ensure if performs as expected (F5 key).

4 – Click File > Export > Create A Video

From the File menu, choose Export, then Create A video.

PowerPoint Export

You will then be presented with some options about your video.

PowerPoint video export menu

5 – Choose a video resolution

Choose a video resolution.

PowerPoint Export to Video Quality Options

Choose a video resolution (quality) option from the drop down list.

I would suggest at least Full HD for most videos.

6 – Choose timing method

Choose either:

Recorded Timings and Narrations
(to use the timings you set in the Transitions menu earlier).

Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations
(you must now specify the default length for each slide to play – they’ll all be treated the same).

7 – Click Create Video

Press Create Video to export your PowerPoint to a video.

You will be prompted for a location to save your file, and given the option to select MP4 or WMV.