PowerPoint time saving tips (stop making these mistakes)

Categories: May 4, 2020 Quick Skills

If we are not shown how to use a program properly, we often end up learning bad habits (this is not surprising as many of us are forced to just learn on the job).

These bad habits may be making you less productive.

This post outlines five time wasting mistakes that some people make when creating PowerPoint presentations.

Hopefully, by following these simple tips, you can save some valuable time when creating your next presentation.

Adding text to shapes

Do not place a text box over a shape.

This causes issues with styling, positioning and hyperlinking.

Text can be added by just immediately typing after you insert the shape.

Alternatively, right click an existing shape and choose edit text.

Identically formatting objects

Use the format painter tool to automatically copy the formatting from one object to another.

  1. Click the object you want to copy the formatting from
  2. Click the format painter tool (on the home ribbon)
  3. Click the object you wish to receive the formatting

Double clicking the tool allows you to easily copy the formatting to many objects in quick succession.

Pasting text from external sources

It is possible to paste text from an external source without bringing across all the unwanted existing formatting and hyperlinks.

When pasting , simply right click, then choose Keep Text Only from the paste options.

Aligning and distributing objects evenly

You don’t have to trust your own eyes.  Let PowerPoint automatically and perfectly align and distribute objects for you.

  1. Select the objects
  2. Choose the Shape Format menu from the ribbon
  3. Click the Align icon and choose the appropriate option for you

Page layouts

Do not waste time manually laying out text boxes on every PowerPoint slide.

Common popular layouts can be found under the Layout icon on the Home ribbon.

Using layouts properly will give you consistency between slides, as well as saving you time.

Don’t see a layout you like?  Consider making one in the master slide.