Interactive Image Reveal PowerPoint



Engage your learners with this interactive image reveal PowerPoint game template.

It’s an ideal starter activity, plenary or ice-breaker.

Watch the video below to see a quick preview of the PowerPoint template:

The PowerPoint template contains:

  • Numbered shapes that disappear when clicked (in order to reveal part of the image below)
  • 21 image reveal slide variations (e.g. stars, hearts, stripes, brick wall, circles etc)
  • Each variation is provided in both colour and single colour formats (42 image reveal slides in total)
  • Can be re-coloured manually by yourself to suit your requirements
  • Instructions slide to help you add the images you wish to be revealed
  • Menu slide to help you quickly find the design you wish to use
  • A ‘reveal button’ automatically removes all remaining unclicked shapes (e.g. to be used after a correct guess by a student)

Note: This image reveal template does not contain any code to keep scores.  The user supplies and adds the images that are to be revealed.  Layout is widescreen 16:9.