PowerPoint Christmas Quiz Template 2



Engage your audience or learners with this Christmas multiple choice quiz template (style #2).

It’s an ideal starter activity, plenary or ice-breaker for over the Christmas season.

Watch the video below to see a quick preview of the Christmas PowerPoint quiz template:

The template contains:

  • Choice of 2 menu screens (one allows you to manually keep track of questions answered correctly)
  • 10 question slides (one for each icon)
  • Space for your question, image and four possible answers
  • A button to reveal the possible answers
  • Animated feedback (answer goes red or green depending if answer is correct or incorrect)
  • Hidden “Back” button which is only revealed when correct answer is clicked
  • Icons that vanish after the question has been attempted

This template will allow you to create a 10 question quiz.

This learning aid can be used individually or as a whole class activity via a projector.

Note: This quiz template does not contain any code to calculate a final score.  Layout is widescreen 16:9.