How to loop a PowerPoint presentation

Categories: May 13, 2019 Quick Skills

This tutorial illustrates how to configure a PowerPoint slideshow to automatically loop back to the start from the final slide.

Slideshow looping works for users who are manually advancing their slides and for those who want to create a continuous loop using automatic timings.

Continuous loops in PowerPoint are ideal for creating promotional digital signage in schools, bars or restaurants etc.

1 – Create your PowerPoint and timings

Create your PowerPoint presentation the same way you normally would.

Advance Slide Menu

If you want a slideshow that progresses automatically:

  • Go to the Timing group of the Transitions ribbon
  • Add a slide duration and check (tick) After:
  • Click Apply To All or adjust each slide’s timings individually

2 – Click the “Slide Show” ribbon

3 – Click “Set Up Slide Show”

Set Up Slide Show icon

Click the Set Up Slide Show icon from the Slide Show ribbon.

4 – Check “Loop continuously until Esc”

The Set Up Show dialog box will appear.

Set Up Slide Show Dialog

From Show options, check the box next to Loop continuously until ‘Esc’.

Click OK.

That’s it!  Whether you are manually or automatically advancing through your presentation, when you reach the last slide, it will now automatically loop back to the beginning.